The third meeting of the FEELIT project, held in Palermo on 28-29 November 2023, marked a significant step forward in its mission to empower deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) individuals in the tourism industry and to promote accessible tourism.  

One of the major accomplishments of the meeting was the completion of video lessons recorded and edited in Italian, Greek, and Romanian Sign Languages. These lessons form a vital part of the curriculum, equipping DHH individuals with the necessary skills to navigate the travel industry as future travel agents and equipping already certified travel agents with skills about accessible tourism.  

The video lessons constitute the product of the first part of the curriculum, which is the composed of need analysis and focus groups involving DHH individuals, focused on understanding the specific requirements of DHH visitors in various settings, including accommodation facilities, transportation, museums, leisure areas, and restaurants.  

Looking ahead, the partners outlined the upcoming stages of the project, which include the development of the E-learning platform for training access, the certification system based on quizzes related to the training, and the creation of a PC and VR game demonstrating scenarios and different dynamics that may occur in the field. Additionally, the online community of FEELIT operators has been developed and discussed during these two days. 

The next meeting, combined with a final conference to promote the project and its results, is scheduled to take place in Brussels, with ENAT hosting the event. To stay informed about the project’s progress, you are encouraged to follow the project’s Facebook page. 

Besides the social media channel, the consortium invites you to be an active part of the accessible tourism revolution! Join the FEELIT online community and get in touch with deaf and DHH tourist, travel agents and touristic operators! You can join the community by creating an account. Click on this link!

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