The first deliverable of the FEELIT project has been completed. A total of 81 questionnaires were collected and analyzed from Greece, Italy, Romania, Bruxelles, and Cyprus, gathering important information about satisfaction levels, especially regarding the quality of services and the response of employees to the unique requirements of deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) visitors, not only in accommodation facilities but also in transportation, museums, leisure areas, restaurants, etc. from their experience.  

More comparatively, the following exciting conclusions emerged from the questionnaires: 41 males and 40 women replied, and 97,9% were deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) people. More than half will use internet services to search, get informed, book tickets, and plan a trip. 27.9% relied on a friend’s/family’s opinion about the organization, and only 21.4% went to a travel agency. Everyone agreed they have trouble with audio announcements and would like more visual (or vibration) aids. Finally, most would like to find assistive technologies or practical services when planning a trip. In addition, almost all agreed they had a great travel experience when they had exceptional support on their journey, either visited on their own or guided by people with the same disability or had a special tour tailored to their needs (for example Sign Language guide).  

The project results will benefit the DHH visitors and improve their tourist experience. You can find the full deliverable report at this link:  The need analysis to explore deaf and hard of hearing visitor experiences 

Based on the questionnaires’ answers, the planning and creation of educational material have begun according to the needs and requirements of the project. At the same time, the first filming of videos in Sign Language started.  

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